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East Anglia

Wedding Cars East Anglia is one of the best online portals that would help drive the Bride and Groom towards their big day. This Region gives you the very best of what Wedding Cars East Anglia has to offer. For a perfect vehicle that will complete the perfect day, wedding cars are here for you.
East Anglia is well known for its history and its stories, which is how the region got its name in the first place. The name was from one of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms. The majority of its history was in the folk of the counties of Norfolk, who were also known as The North People, and Suffolk, who were known as The South People. In the year of 520, the North and South folk merged together, settling in the tribe of Iceni. From there The Kingdom of Angles began to rise and fall, due to continuous wars between neighbouring kingdoms. In the year of 870, the Danes took the Kingdom and renamed it East Anglia.
In the Second World War, East Anglia was chosen to construct a number of air bases for the heavy bomber fleets of the combined bomber offensive in the region. The main reason for that was because they it had a lot of open space, which was one of the characteristics that was and is unique about East Anglia.
East Anglia is well known for the University of Cambridge, which is on the border of Cambridgeshire and East Anglia. It is said to be one of the top Universities in the world. Prince Williams and Kate Middleton, the grand Duke and Duchess of Cambridge both attended the University of Cambridge. The Region has some of the most fantastic cities, such as Peterborough, Cambridge, and Norwich, with beautiful, architecturally and visually attractive landmarks. There is a wide range of Landscape across the whole region that catches the eye; the view of the landscape is breathtaking. There are facilities around East Anglia to keep you entertained, such as Theme Parks, Theatres, museums and beaches, etc.
The choices of Wedding Venues in East Anglia are among the best for any couple that is planning to get married in the local area. The 12th Century St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Bury, for example offers tourism to anyone who would want to see it.
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