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Wedding Cars Hertfordshire gives the Bride and Groom the ride of a lifetime; Wedding Cars Hertfordshire gives you the luxury car you’ve been looking for. The choices that we offer are unconditional, for we understand the desires that will complete the Romantic day.
Hertfordshire is bordered by the non-metropolitan Counties of Bedfordshire to the North, to the North-East is Cambridgeshire, Essex to the East and Buckinghamshire is to the West, whereas Greater London lies to the south. It has a population of over 1,119,800. In 913 the areas of Hertfordshire was firstly assigned to a fortress built in Hertford by Edward the Elder. Heort Ford came from the Anglo-Saxons which meant deer crossing; most of the county’s emblems have an image of a deer.
Centuries later, after the Norman Conquest, new Norman Castles and Historical Settlements such as Bishop’s Stortford, Berkhamsted and King’s Langley used some of Hertfordshire land. As London became bigger, Hertfordshire was closer to the Capital. Most of the area was owned by nobles and Aristocrats. This benefaction helped to increase the local economy, but when the Industrial Revolution occurred in Hertfordshire the population rose dramatically and in 1903, Letchworth became the first Garden city in the world. Stevenage became the first town to be restored in the New Towns Act in of 1946.
Hertfordshire is another extraordinary county that lies in the East of England. Within the historical county and some of the landmarks in this region are very significant and legendary. Almost every landmark has a story behind it. There are so many vibrant Landmarks to visit such as the fabled Ashridge Estate or the old Royal Palace that was at Hatfield and the list goes on and on.
The Shopping in Hertfordshire is very extravagant. If wedding shopping is on your mind, then I would recommend browsing through a selection of independent and specialist retailers in The Arcade, Garden Square Shopping Centre or roam about the Arena Parade. Throughout the whole of the county, there are parks galore that you may take a stroll in and have a moment of peace and quietness from the bustling towns and cities nearby. Visit the Royal National Rose Society Gardens in St Albans, the Cassiobury Park in Bury or feel the gentle breeze through the Hitchin Lavender Farm and more. If you feel like you are in need of activities then there are theme parks around the region to keep you entertained and happy.
In the case of a wedding there are a range of venues that can fit your enquiry via churches, cathedrals, manor houses, etc. St Albans Abbey as an example which is a magnificent cathedral with such in-depth architecture – a great structure that doesn’t disappoint. There’s also Knebworth House, which was the home to the Lytton Family since 1490. The current residents are Henry Lytton-Cobbold and his Family.
This Region has so much to offer and so does Wedding Cars Hertfordshire. We have so many options for you to choose from. We are very positive that you’ll find the right car within the portal. Wedding Cars Hertfordshire grants you the help you need with choosing the perfect car. Simply send us an enquiry via email or pick up the phone. We’ll answer any questions you may have.